1822 Reed Ave.
San Diego, CA 92109
Ph: (619) 581-2610

A highly experienced singer/songwriter/musician specializing in electric lead and acoustic guitar, and sings in a baritone/tenor range.  Also plays the harmonica and keyboards, and has extensive MIDI experience sequencing all types of musical parts.  Over twenty years' experience recording and live performance - from clubs to concerts.  Presently performing with FLYERS, an unsigned (major hint) San Diego band that specializes in vocal harmonies and melodic rock music.  Jeff and his band are available for shows, or if you need any original music for your next recording or film project, or if you're looking for a killer new band to add to your roster.

Album Credits:  The Bluetones, Let It Rain
                            Big Dipper Productions 1990
                                   songwriter, guitars, vocals, keyboards, MIDI
                                   programmer, co-arranger/producer

                            Reckon Yard, Politically Incorrect
                            Westright Records 1996
                                   guitars, vocals, co-arranger/producer

Video Credits:    Skydive 100, Basic Body Flight
                            Skydive University 1993
                                   songwriter, guitars, keyboards, MIDI
                                   programmer, arranger/producer

                            Skydive: The Dream Becomes a Reality
                            Portman Productions 1998
                                   songwriter, guitars, vocals, keyboards, MIDI
                                   programmer, arranger/producer

Instrumentation Available:   Electric and acoustic guitars, harmonica,
                                                keyboards, bass, drums, percussion,
                                                male and female vocals

Performed in Concerts Featuring:

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