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Ah, skydiving - what fun it is to fly!  It may not be the sport for everyone, but more and more people are trying it and turning into skydivers every year.  My wife and I taught the sport at Parachutes Over San Diego, which was located by Otay Lake in San Diego, California.  The drop zone has been sold though, and we're not sure what the new owner wants to do with it.  Too bad, it's such a pretty site with the mountains and the lake right there.  I have some pictures from there as well as some other locations around the planet, so enjoy the links.  And if you ever want to really live for a few moments, go skydiving!

NEWS FLASH  - Åsa was a member of the Women's World Record 118-way freefall formation, which was set in Perris California on September 5, 1999.  We'll post a picture here when we get it.  Yeehaw!

For fun we like to freefly, which is a way of freefalling in any other body position (head down, feet first, etc.) besides being parallel, belly towards the earth.  I don't have any pictures of us freeflying yet.  We plan on jumping at Perris or Elsinore after Otay closes and I'll post more shots here as we get them.  See you in the sky...

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